A good night’s sleep was something Mary had not had for years. A serious back problem and struggling on a low income, the dream of a decent bed was only a dream until she came to the Trust. A grant for a new mattress could not cure her back but it did help her get a good and comfortable… (Read More)


From everything to nothing happens so fast. David worked at a senior level in the print industry. With changes in technology, his role became redundant and he had to seek a new role and a change in career. This was going well but when the recession hit he was one of the first to be made redundant again. Simultaneously… (Read More)


Diana thought that the violence and control of her partner towards her was normal until he threatened their child. One day when she saw an opportunity she fled with her son and nothing but the clothes they stood up in and his teddy bear. After spending some time in a refuge she was given a little flat with nothing… (Read More)


John was made redundant. He and his partner had two small children. His partner ,Cathy, also had health problems including severe eczema. Some complications had caused a three-month delay in their benefits being sorted out. Because of this delay they had used up their small savings and all other resources. When the washing machine broke down it was… (Read More)


The trust helps the following people within the Borough of Dacorum: