About Us


The Dacorum Community Trust is a charity dedicated to helping those most in need within the Dacorum area, by managing and distributing money it raises locally from individuals, companies and organisations.

The Trust was officially launched in 1976.  It was one of the first Community Trusts to be set up – now the Community Foundation Network ‘s members cover the whole of the UK.

  • We help the people of Dacorum to help each other. All money raised is used locally.
  • We assist local families who are disadvantaged through illness, loss of employment, and other circumstances.
  • We provide a focal point for those who want to give or help in whatever way they can.
  • We are able to respond quickly and effectively to needs in the community.

We ensure local causes needing support are not overlooked at a time when existing forms of support are limited, and when attention is diverted towards high-profile national appeals.


In 2015 DCT:

  • 511 Grant payments made
  • 403 Households supported by the Trust (over 1410 people in Dacorum directly helped )
  • 680 Intensive client interviews
  • 564 Referrals to other organisations
  • £6,792 Grants gained from other organisations on behalf of clients
  • £14,800 Value of goods given to client families
  • £48,000 Estimated value of benefit gained from referrals to other charities for DCT clients


The trust helps the following people within the Borough of Dacorum: