How You Can Help Us

There are times in all our lives when things don’t go as planned…

This could be the loss of job, becoming homeless, suffering a serious illness, a relationship or personal breakdown, or a difficult financial situation where you feel that you have nowhere else to turn.

We all know someone who has struggled and needed a little help to get them back on their feet, and we’re the local charity that can help to relieve the pressure.



Helping our neighbours when life gets a little tough can be very rewarding. The Trust is delighted to accept personal donations from people in the local community and from local organisations. We all want to be good neighbours, showing kindness, decency and sharing what we have. You can donate here »


Why not make Dacorum Community Trust your charity of the year? Fundraise for us, supply goods or services to help us help our clients – your neighbours. We’d love to hear from you so do get in touch.


If you have a few hours spare and would like to make a difference to people in our community who are suffering a crisis, please get in touch. We are always looking for local people who can help us with our community fundraising events and during busy times. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

Social Media

Follow our pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where we will share our news and show you how we are serving our neighbours in Dacorum. We’d love you to share our posts so we can grow our reach and why not come along to one of our events too!